Location – Dublin, Ireland
Genre – Indie / New Wave
Website – www.myspace.com/fightlikeapesmusic

Did you know? Fight Like Apes recently won the Topman Unsigned Band Search in association with Phantom 105.2 and got to play alongside The Holloways and the Good Shoes. They then were invited to play at the UK BarFly venues, the IMRO Best Of Tour Showcase, PopKomm and In The City.  The band were also
asked to play the Exit Festival in Serbia.

Quote – What happens when four highly motivated couch potatoes, trawl through the b-movie underworld in search of the purest of gold...? They Fight Like Apes! Hailing from Dublin, Ireland and weighing in at over 6 hundred pounds, Fight Like Apes combine the Synth with the Sword in this heroic tale of anger, jealousy, greed and ...goblins. With an emphasis on loutish vocals, brutish bass and digital distortion Fight Like Apes are highly trained, armed and considered extremely dangerous.

  30th Nov- 6th Dec
  Sat: 9:30pm, Sun: 10pm, Mon: 11pm, Tues: 9pm, Weds: 11:30pm, Thurs: 9:30pm