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We have many years of performing cover up tattoos, both without and with prior laser treatment, we are genuine experts in this area!

The truth about cover ups.

Cover up tattoos are a very specialist art and even the very best, most experienced tattoo cover up Artists will tell you that although a client can be thrilled with the results or their new cover up, there is absolutely no guarantee that the original tattoo won't start showing back though again in just a few months, weeks or days. In fact, this is often the case. if you want to be REALLY sure your old tattoo remains a distant memory, then using a laser to lighten your tattoo prior to being covered with a new masterpiece is 100% THE best option for you.

We book our sessions in blocks of four as experience dictates that it usually takes AT LEAST four sesions before any results are noticeable.

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IIf you are considering opting for a 'straight forward' cover up without laser (let's face it, its much cheaper), it is worth considering that your options will be VERY limited and however great the finished result, it will very likey look like a cover up! The real advantage of using a laser to lighten a tattoo is that it removes limtations. The more laser sessions you have, the fewer limitations you'll have. If you go for the cheapest option, you'll get a cheaper result and you may even end up back where you started, or worse! If you end up with a 'straight forward' cover up you're unhappy with, you effectively have two tattoos (one on top of the other) and it will take at least twice as long to remove them.

Am I better off using a 'Clinic' that only offers laser or should I use a tattoo studio that also offers laser.

If you asked the best laser tattoo manufactures and experts the same question, they would all agree that in general, an experienced Tattoo Artist is the best person to advise you on your options for laser tattoo removal, especially where cover ups are concerned. A laser operater in a clinic simply isn't qualified to advise you on whether or not your tattoo is faded enough for your chosen design to be tattooed over it yet. They have no experience of doing tattoos hence they don't know what is or isn't achievable. Any advice they give is usually just guess work. Unfortunately many tattoo studios have very cheap, inferior quality lasers that give poor results but at London Tattoo Removal you can be confident we are using the best, a Lynton laser!

Best London Tattoo Removal Example

At London Tattoo Removal we are very experienced Tattoo Artists too and we're best placed to work with you and advise on your options.

Some people only have one tattoo but even though it isn't embarassing, they regret marking their body (for many different reasons) and don't want to have any tattoos at all. If this this is the case then laser tattoo removal is the first option. The reality is that some tattoos can't be completely removed sucessfully with means a cover up is the best alternative.

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