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Welcome to London Tattoo Removal, we have 18 years of expertise!
London Tattoo removal Zebra Rethink your ink!

Laser Tattoo Removal (Nd:YAG laser)

If you're ashamed or embarassed by your old ink we can restore your confidence and even put an amazing, new piece of artwork in it's place!

We have 18 years experience of Laser Tattoo Removal and believe that because we're a Multi-Award Winning Tattoo studio and experts at putting ink into the skin, we should also be experts in removing it too!

All the images below are genuine examples of treatments that have been performed at our Studio..

London Tattoo Removal Example

London Tattoo Removal Example

London Tattoo Removal Example

London Tattoo Removal Example

London Tattoo Removal Example#

London Tattoo Removal Example

London Tattoo Removal Example

London Tattoo Removal Example

London Tattoo Removal Example

London Tattoo Removal Example

Before and after tattoo removal cover up

London Tattoo Removal Laser

Our Tattoo Removal Laser (a Q-Switch Nd/YAG) is the industry standard laser, it provides reliable results to professionals Worldwide. It allows professional Tattoo Artists to offer their clients a consistent and affordable Tattoo Removal and / or cover up service. Our laser is quite simply the affordable and effective Tattoo Removal solution.

Our laser is the perfect choice to 'fade' tattoos down enough to take away the limitations that are usually presented when clients ask for 'cover-ups'.

We're always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding Laser Tattoo Removal.

Q-Switch Nd/YAG Tattoo Removal Lasers are renowned for the quality of pre cover up tattoo fading and the full removal of laser compatible inks that they give.


London Tattoo Removal Example


The Tattoo Removal Laser emits an extremely quick pulse of light, that has a "shock-wave" effect on the ink particles. This has the effect of breaking the ink particles into smaller pieces, that the body’s own defence system can eliminate. The process of elimination takes 4-6 weeks for most people, so the tattoo continues to fade whilst the body does its job. Our machine is a frequency doubled Nd:YAG laser, That means that the laser can emit two different wavelengths of light - one green and one infrared (which means it is invisible to the human eye). The colour of the tattoo ink to be removed, determines which of the two available laser wavelengths is most suitable. After 4-6 weeks, you can safely have your next treatment. The amount of treatments required, depends on several factors, the type of ink, the efficiency of the body at removing the ink and whether the tattoo is amateur or professional. If the tattoo is being faded prior to cover-up, sometimes just a couple of treatments can be all that is needed.

With dual wavelength capability for maximum efficiency on a broad spectrum of tattoo ink colours, and adjustable energy to safely & efficiently treat faded inks through to heavy black tribal designs, our Tattoo Removal Laser is perfect for fading tattoos prior to cover up work and performs exceptionally even on full removal (per ink compatibility).


Before and after laser tattoo removal


Test patch £20.00: (deductible from 1st laser session).

Tattoo size
Price Per Session
35 X 35 mm £50.00
55 X 55 mm £65.00
75 X 75 mm £80.00
95 X 95 mm £95.00


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